Thale Cres
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Alpha Feedback Form

Thank you for sending us your feedback, it's of great use to us and will help making Thale Cres a better game! All fields is optional, i.e. you can choose to fill in just the parts that you feel is relevant. Though we appreciate if you fill in all of it!




Graphics Card
Additional Hardware Info Anything you feel we should know about your computer.


Write as much as possible, the more the better.
Log file The logfile from the game; after you run the game a file called log.txt will be generated and saved in the same folder as the game. What you do is just click browse and then locate and select the file to send it in. It is very important that you send in this file because it tells us a lot about how the game works on your machine.
Performance You can see the framerate(fps) at the bottom right corner of the screen while ingame. If the game didn't start at all, choose "Didn't Start".
Bugs If you encountered any bugs, write about them here, write down the settings and what happened.
Feedback General feedback, any opinions on the game you've got, good or bad. Suggestions for new features.

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